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Year 6 microorganisms

In Year 6, we have been studying microorganisms in Science. Microorganisms are very tiny living things. They are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye, so a microscope is needed to see them.

Microorganisms can be found all around us. They can live on and in our bodies, in the air, in water and on the objects around us. They can be found in almost every habitat on Earth.

 We compared different types of microorganisms: Some animals and plants; fungi, Bacteria and viruses.

To see this in investigation, we created an experiment to see how mold grows. We put 3 slices of bread in food bags and placed them in 3 different locations (by the window, on the bookcase and in a cupboard) to see which location is the best place to keep our bread.

Children’s predictions

"I predict that the bread in the cupboard will grow the most mold due it being warm in that location." Lamprini

"I predict that the bread near the window will grow the most mold as it is in a sunny place." Giles."