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Enfield Learning Trust


Our intent is to design a mathematics curriculum that is accessible to all children, and enables success regardless of background or ability. Through careful planning and engaging learning experiences all children should have the ability to master the knowledge needed to apply fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics, reason mathematically following a line of enquiry and solve problems by applying their mathematics to routine and non routine problems with increasing sophistication in their learning. We ensure that as pupils move through the programmes of study they are afforded opportunities to consolidate their understanding through additional practise, retrieval activities to embed long-term memory and targeted teaching. Where pupils rapidly grasp concepts our curriculum provides challenge through a range of complex problems and opportunities to further develop these skills. Our innovative use of IT supports the learning of multiplication tables and promotes increased engagement both at school and home.  

Throughout our teaching we expose pupils to the language of mathematics and the application of it to daily life. We ensure that children have a broad mathematical vocabulary and are able to explain their mathematical reasoning with confidence to support their learning and present mathematical justification, argument or proof.

Pupils are enabled to make rich connections across a range of concepts and curriculum subjects, and apply these to everyday life in school and beyond. By developing these links we enable children to develop curiosity about the subject. Our Curriculum Drivers of growth mindset, community, environment and language development underpin every aspect of mathematics, are embedded in teaching and learning and develop the child as a whole. We enable our pupils to develop financial literacy, become critical scientists and confident with technology, and to use these skills to become active citizens who make positive contributions to society.

End points for maths

 Adopted LA-Calculation Policy Grange Park

Primary National Curriculum Mathematics