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Outdoor learning: Allotments

We had planned a wonderfully rich fruit and vegetable garden this year for our school allotments that sadly did not take off before lockdown.

The Nursery children have been busy digging the allotments, weeding and getting them ready for planting once again in the Autumn! Little hands working together to get a big job done! The surprise came when they discovered yummy potatoes growing deep in the soil and they used forks and fingers to collect and count them all!

"They’re all muddy."  Felicity, Acorn.

"Everyone must have planted them with seeds and then they grew and we found them." Henry, Acorn.  

"We wash them because they are dirty and we want to eat them." Jasmine, Acorn. 

If you are green fingered and would like to support our allotment project from September, please contact the school office.