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Creative challenges in Year 2

Once again, Year 2 students have amazed us with their maturity, hard work and enthusiasm for their home learning.

Last week we looked at a poem called 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright and we challenged the children to write their own version of the poems and record themselves to share with the class.   As always the children excelled in their creativity and put a huge smile on everyone’s faces with their fabulous poetry skills. Well done superstars. We love being creative and using this to develop our science knowledge - we made our own terrariums (gardens in a jar) and researched the rainforest. Another activity Year 2 have enjoyed this week was the PE challenge, where they had to spell their names completing different challenges for different letters, they remembered that keeping active was one of the 5 ways to mental wellbeing! 

Informative and colourful rain forest poster, made at home

Amelia, Puffin

Doing a Wallpress at home 

The Magic Box poem , written at home

Qamil, Woodpecker