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Gunpowder Mills

Year 5 started this term off with a bang, heading over to the Gunpowder Mills to learn about the Vikings.

The children had the opportunity to experience what day to day life was like for a Viking Thane and compare it with the life of a slave; what sort of clothes and jewellery they wore, hear the tale of the Viking invasion of Enfield and discover how the Vikings went into battle.

‘It was a fantastic trip and we learnt so much! My favourite bit was when some of the class had to dress up as the Thane’s slaves. I cannot believe that the girls and boys were treated differently and it cost more to buy a boy to be a slave than if you bought a girl.’ 

‘I think it was a very good trip because they helped us to learn key facts through having fun. Some of us got to dress up in the chain mail that people wore when they went into battle and one classmate said it was incredibly heavy!’