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Let's go outside in Nursery...

As part of our new topic ‘Let’s go outside’, the children have been discovering new ways of moving their whole bodies outdoors.

They collaborated to create an obstacle course using crates, wooden planks and blocks and took turns to move across at different speeds independently. 

In the sand pit, children used different sized scoops and buckets to fill containers and sand moulds. They investigated which containers held the most sand and found more efficient ways to fill and empty containers at speed.







 The children ventured into the forest area to retell the story ‘We’re Going a Bear Hunt’.

In maths, the children have been using 5 frames to show and compare numbers 1,2 and 3. Outside, the children learnt new ways to create art using natural objects. They were introduced to the artist Andy Goldsworthy and used their imagination to create portraits, animals and many other interesting artworks both at school and at home.