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Dino story...

Reception has had an excellent start to the new year. They have shown resilience, perseverance and maturity. We are so proud of them!

This half term our new topic is ‘People who changed History’. The children will be learning about the lives of people around them and their roles in society. To start our topic we had a very exciting day and they had the chance to become fossil hunters just like the famous Mary Anning. All the children met a dinosaur scientist, which we learnt is called a Paleontologist, who taught us all about what a fossil is, the three types of dinosaurs and how they became extinct.



Looking for fossils...

What else can we find here...

The children got to meet 3 dinosaurs! A triceratops, velociraptor and a Tyrannosaurus rex. 

 They all became fossil hunters and discovered fossils from carnivores and herbivores. They used paint brushes to carefully brush the sand away to reveal the fossil. They then used information books to discover the name of their fossil including a Megalosaurus footprint, a Gar Pike Fish and an Ichthyosaurus tooth!