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PGL Day 3

Wow! What a day!

There were some groggy faces this morning, following yesterday's strenuous activities! However, after consuming another wonderful breakfast, the children were raring to go. Today's activities have been exhilarating and met with lots of enthusiasm by the pupils. They have had to work together in the construction of buggies, which had to withstand the weight of the children and be pulled over a long distance. All groups were successful in this task, as a result of excellent collaboration and communication, and made themselves and their teachers extremely proud. In addition, they have learned survival skills, swung on the giant's swing, shown off their excellent archery abilities and abseiled from an impressive height. 

Despite the poor weather, the children have had a great day and not let the conditions affect their mood and effort, which has been commendable. The children are all missing you very much and have been great with supporting each other during their time away from home. Here are some photos from the activities from today.

Buggy Building



Giant's Swing