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Public Speaking Competition

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On the 10 December some year 6’s attended the final of Enfield’s Primary Schools Public Speaking Competition at Bowes Primary School. We are so very proud of all our contestants; one child had the following to report:

“A few weeks before the final, I went to Bowes for some public speaking training. The teachers were very kind, friendly and made us laugh a lot. I really enjoyed myself that day. Before the final we had a semi-final, with 28 other children from various schools. 14 of those children qualified to go through to the final. I was very happy to hear I was one of the finalists with my speech entitled “Artisanal Chocolate”. We had the choice of what to speak about. We could choose absolutely anything!

"The final was great! The judges were fair. Overall I really enjoyed the experience and I am glad Grange Park joined the event, it’s definitely worth it.”