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Year 4 - How can we help the environment?

A few weeks ago was British Science week and we were very fortunate enough to take part in a few activities.

These activities mainly involved Year 4 thinking about ways in which we can help the environment. 

To begin the week, we had a live lesson with Chris Joly, who is the  Director of the Green angel syndicate. The children learnt about different small businesses who are helping to fight climate change. 

The children found the pictures of a variety of fruit and veg very amusing but stated that even though it looked funny, it still tastes the same. We investigated this by mixing up some irregular and regular carrots and allowing the children to taste them, none of them could taste the difference. They were shocked when they found out that the amount of food waste each year would fill 10 stadiums. Many changed their minds and said that they would eat more wonky fruit and veg in the future to help our environment. 

“I have learnt that there is nothing wrong with irregular fruit and vegetables - If you don’t look at it, it will taste exactly the same” Molly - Puma class.

In English, the children have been enjoying writing their own ‘portal’ stories based around the story of Elf Road, where a little girl finds herself in a hall filled with a fantastic feast, served by tiny little people wearing curious clothes. The character steals a golden apple and the tiny people are not happy. When she gets home with the golden apple, strange things start to happen… 

Year 4 have been innovating the story and changing parts and we have been amazed by the outcome. 

“I have enjoyed the ‘Elf Road’ story because I have learnt a lot of new vocabulary and tried hard to add new adjectives to my writing.” Aldjo - Puma class.