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Sketching in Year 5

It has been a pleasure to see the Year 5 children adapt so well to the online learning and using the Chromebooks incredibly effectively.

This sketch by Ela - Saturn class

It has been another learning curve for all of us, even the teachers, and yet the children’s enthusiasm has carried us through any technical glitches experienced in the first few live sessions. 

So far, the children have been exploring the poem The Highwayman including completing some fabulous Innovated stories. It has been great to see that the children’s thirst for new vocabulary hasn’t faltered.

In Learning Quest, the children are delving into the history of the British monarchy - researching absolute and constitutional monarchies as well as learning about what happened to the likes of Charles I and King John - and the lasting impact of their reigns. 

However, it has been the children’s portraits based on the work of Holbein that has really caught our eye. The children have been practising sketching the proportions of the face and looking at the finer details of a picture. I am sure you will agree that the children have done a wonderful job!

Liliana - Neptune class