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Learning Quest in Year 4

Lauren and Leo - Puma class. They both carried out some great science work.

While our start to the new Spring term hasn’t quite turned out as everyone planned, that hasn't stopped the learning in Year 4 and the excellent work our children are producing day in, day out.

For our new term we are looking at the Roman Empire in Learning Quest sessions, Electricity in Science, Healthy me in PSHE and we will be looking at refining our drawing skills in Art.  Both in and out of school via Google Classroom the children have been doing some excellent learning already…

In science we are looking at electrical circuits and appliances found in our daily lives exploring how they work through our understanding of basic circuits.  We will even be linking this back to the Autumn term and materials in a few weeks.

Toby - Jaguar class

He used similes, powerful adjectives and even personification to help describe the volcano.

As well as learning about all our different areas of the curriculum, the children in Year 4 have also been asked to take part in a series of creative tasks as part of their well being and to help them remember to take time to relax and have fun. 

Sidar - Tiger class

His submission was high in production value and extremely creative, when you have an elephant made of socks, toys cars and tie it has to be applauded.

In school, the Year 4 pupils in the bubbles have been working hard at completing their online learning in school, enjoying the lessons and using their new Chromebooks to support their work.