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Year 2 have continued to be amazing throughout the whole of the period they have been at home

both with their maturity, hard work in their learning and by showing kindness to eveyone they meet!

Last week our Google Classroom was focusing on Superheroes, and how kindness, generosity, friendship and a big smile can all be considered super powers. We challenged the children to recreate themselves as superheroes, make a costume and write about how their superpowers saved the day. 

”My superhero name is Luis the Marvellous, because I always try my best to do good work.” Luis, Kingfisher

Enjoy looking at our pictures of our Year 2 superheroes!

Designing their own superhero cuffs!

Olivia, Puffin

A creation of the superhero symbol for Lovely Lilly, thinking about being Eco friendly.