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Grange Park Primary School ‘Valuing diversity, promoting curiosity and inspiring excellence.’

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‘Valuing diversity, promoting curiosity and inspiring excellence.’


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Information Report 
September 2016-17

Grange Park aims to be an inclusive school and we embrace the fact that every child is different.  Our aim is to provide a caring and safe environment in which all pupils thrive and fulfil their potential.  All pupils, including children with additional or special educational needs or disabilities, are entitled to a curriculum that meets their needs. 
Grange Park practices the early identification of any additional needs (see attached “Identification of Special Educational Needs at Grange Park Primary School” flow chart) by assessing and monitoring pupil progress, and by working in partnership with parents and external agencies.  Appropriate support is provided to overcome barriers to children’s learning through interventions, additional provision and from professional advice. 
The four broad areas of need are:
1.    Communication and Interaction
2.    Cognition and Learning
3.    Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties 
4.    Sensory and Physical Needs. 

Whole School Approach: 

Underpinning all our provision in school is the graduated approach cycle of:   

                                        ASSESS - PLAN – DO - REVIEW  

All teachers are responsible for every child in their care, including those with additional educational needs (AEN) or special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).  

The Local Offer and SEN School Information Report

Local Authorities are required to publish and keep under review information about services they expect to be available for the children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) aged 0-25. This is the ‘Local Offer’. 

The intention of the Local Offer is to improve choice and transparency for families. It is also an important resource for parents in understanding the range of services and provision in the local area. 

Enfield Local Authority Local Offer is available on the Local Authority website: 


The SEN School Information Report outlines how Grange Park meets the needs of SEND pupils as stated in the SEND School Policy.



Your Child has Additional Educational Needs (AEN) or Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). 
What can we at Grange Park Primary School offer you?

In consultation with a working party of parents of children with Additional and SEND in July 2014, twelve questions were drawn up with the aim of providing more information about the provision at Grange Park Primary School.    
A revised School Offer was co-produced with parents in May 2016.


Question and Answers: please click on the question to reveal the answer

Grange Park_whole_school_provision_map September 2015 2016

Sept 2016 Assessments and Interventions for SEN Support and EHCP Statement

Identification of special educational needs

Tiger Teams